GISD 2022 Bond Proposal

Impacts Every Student in Galveston ISD

  • Every student in Galveston ISD will be impacted by this bond
  • District wide technology upgrades and infrastructure as well as new transportation will be seen across all parts of the district
  • Eventually all students will attend Ball HS which will be rebuilt on its existing site

PROPOSITION A: Replace Ball High School and Aging Transportation

  • Build a new Ball High School on the Existing Site
  • Purchase 13 new buses, white fleet vehicles and student management software

PROPOSITION B: Build a new Aquatics Center

  • Build a new aquatics center attached to Ball High School

PROPOSITION C: Upgrades to Central, Weis and Austin Middle Schools

  • Weis Middle School Will Become a 5th-6th grade Campus
  • Central Middle School Will Become a 7th-8th grade Campus
  • Austin Middle School Will be Used During the Transition and Will Eventually be Repurposed Within Galveston ISD

PROPOSITION D: District Wide Technology Upgrades

  • Upgrade district technology infrastructure including servers and switches, routers and classroom instructional technology

PROPOSITION E: Replace Courville Stadium

  • Replace Courville Stadium on the existing site


Voters in GISD may cast a ballot on all propositions in the GISD Bond Election. You do not have to choose between the propositions listed.