Bond 2022 FAQs

Q: What is included in the proposal?

A: Galveston ISD Bond 2022 has five propositions totaling $314,790,000:

  • Proposition A
      • Build a new Ball High School on the existing site
      • Purchase 13 new buses, white fleet vehicles and student management software
  • Proposition B
    • BUILD A NEW AQUATICS CENTER ($15,980,000)
      • Build a new Aquatics Center attached to Ball High School
  • Proposition C
      • Weis Middle School will become a 5th-6th grade campus
      • Central Middle School will become a 7th-8th grade campus
      • Austin Middle School will be used during the transition and will eventually be repurposed within Galveston ISD
  • Proposition D
      • Upgrade district technology infrastructure including servers and switches, routers and classroom instructional technology
  • Proposition E
      • Replace Courville Stadium on the existing site

Q: Is this an either/or choice for me?

A: No. Voters in GISD may cast a ballot on ALL propositions in the GISD Bond Election. You do not have to choose between the propositions listed.

Q: How was this particular bond package developed?

A: The 2022 Galveston ISD Bond Proposal is a comprehensive plan developed by members of a Middle School Task Force, the Ball High School Visioning Committee, and a Long-Range Facilities Planning Committee. The group consisted of parents, current and former educators, students, business owners, religious and civic leaders.

The Middle School Task Force spent months analyzing curriculum, current use of facilities, and enrollment before making a recommendation for approval by the Galveston ISD Board of Trustees. That plan was then presented to the Long-Range Facility Planning Committee for use during their discussion when developing a bond proposal. The LRFPC spent months reviewing and analyzing every aspect of Galveston ISD. The information included enrollment projections, current use of facilities, the recommendation from the Middle School Task Force, tax impact scenarios, district finances, educational programs, and thorough discussions of both the immediate and long-term needs of the district. Every member of the committee was asked and had the opportunity to provide their opinions, suggestions and recommendations.

Q: Why is Ball High School included in this bond proposal?

A: Ball High School was originally constructed in 1953. The building last underwent major renovations in 2007. The bond proposal’s replacement of Ball High School will address many needs identified by the Ball High School Visioning Committee:

  • Purposeful areas for student collaboration
  • Flexible library spaces to support a variety of learning needs
  • Outdoor spaces appropriate for teaching and learning
  • Large space for student group presentations
  • Appropriate spaces for ROTC
  • Strong infrastructure for technology futures
  • Special Education drive and conference room
  • Dance classroom
  • Band hall
  • CTE areas that emulate industry
  • Flexible spaces throughout to support independent learning
  • More lab spaces
  • Space for counseling/SEL

The GISD Long-Range Facility Planning Committee recommended the replacement of Ball High School, with a focus on expanding the many programs already offered at Ball through Specialized Learning Communities:

  • Biomedical Engineering and Medical Professions
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Media Arts and Digital Technology
  • STEM

Q: Where will the new high school be located?

A: The new Ball High School will be constructed on the existing site of the current building.

Q: Why are new buses included in the bond proposal?

A: During Hurricane Ike in 2008, GISD’s entire bus fleet was destroyed. Over time, the district has been replacing the fleet or has purchased older buses from other school districts. This bond will add 13 new buses and other “white fleet” vehicles that will be used by multiple departments such as maintenance, warehouse, child nutrition, police and athletics.

Q:  Will buses and the technology be financed long term?

A:  No, buses will be financed with short term bonds over 10 years so as to maximize their usefulness. Technology as part of the bond program will be financed over a 5-year period. 

Q: Where will the new Aquatics Center be located?

A: If passed under Proposition B, the new Aquatics Center will be attached to the new Ball High School.  However, construction of a new aquatics center is also contingent on Proposition A passing.

Q: Why are upgrades and changes to GISD middle schools included in this bond?

A: At the November 17, 2021 Galveston Independent School District board of trustees meeting, trustees voted to realign the middle school experience for GISD students following a recommendation from the Middle School Task Force. Beginning with the 2022-2023 school year, fifth-grade students will attend Weis Middle School and sixth-grade students will attend Austin Middle School. Seventh and eighth-grade students will attend Central Middle School. Under the Bond 2022 proposal, campuses would be upgraded to create a 5th-6th grade campus at Weis and a 7th-8th grade campus at Central, with Austin being repurposed within the district, following successful passage of the bond.

Q: Will every student be impacted by this bond?

A: Every campus will benefit from some aspect of Bond 2022. Proposition D calls for technology infrastructure upgrades at every campus in the district, which will impact every student in Galveston ISD. And, of course, every student in Galveston ISD will eventually attend a new Ball High School.

Q: Why is Courville Stadium on the ballot?

A: Courville Stadium was originally constructed in 1938, with major renovations in 2010. A new Courville Stadium would provide new seating, a new press box, new restrooms and concessions, a new video scoreboard, improved sound system, and modern security features, among other upgrades.

Q: How will this bond program affect my taxes?

A:  The estimated tax increase as a result of this bond program will not exceed 10.9 cents per $100 valuation. The current tax rate in Galveston ISD is $0.963 per $100 valuation. Galveston ISD has the lowest school district tax rate of any district in Galveston County. Even with passage of all five propositions in Bond 2022, Galveston ISD will still have the lowest tax rate in Galveston County.



Q: What if I am 65 or older?

A: Seniors 65 and older who have filed for their over 65 homestead exemption will see no tax increase as a result of this bond.

Q: When and where can I vote?

A: Early Voting begins April 25 through May 3. Election Day is May 7. For more information on voting and voting locations, visit